Rojo French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in NYC and all over US

 When it comes to a rare French bulldog colors the Rojo French bulldog puppy is among the rarest and most desirable: some people like to refer to this color as liver, red, Brown, Isabella chocolate and so on; to get a better understanding of what goes into making a Rojo French bulldog puppy let’s take a good old dive into the gene pool

What is a Rojo French Bulldog?

 To understand what Rojo French bulldog as we must look at the B Locust which is where the mutation occurs; rojo which means read in Spanish is a recessive gene which means that it takes two copies one from for each parent for it to physically be expressed on the outside where you can see and appreciate it; at the B Locust a rojo French bulldog puppy is expressed as bb indicative of two copies being present. There are four variants of the B Locust; ba, bc, bd, and bs, the BA of the rojo variant is not found within the French bulldog breed; but the other three are common and can be paired interchangeably to create the Rojo look.

Cool facts about the Rojo French bulldog puppy

1. This is the version of chocolate required to make Isabella fluffy puppies or short hair Isabella puppies: the other version of chocolate is considered Coco.

2. there are certain genes that can block the expression of rojo from physically expressing on the outside: namely the brindle gene which occurs at the K Locust. Brindle is a dominant gene which means it only takes one copy purchase physically be expressed outside where you can see it.

3. do you want to know a little known secret that breeders use to identify whether a dog is carrying two copies of chocolate or not? This is whether it carries two copies of Rojo or two copies of chocolate this trick works with either version of chocolate as long as there’s two copies; take your puppy to an enclosed room and shut the lights off; if his eyes glow red or her eyes then you have just confirmed that the puppy has two copies of chocolate making it either chocolate cocoa or rojo chocolate French bulldog puppy! Science never ceases to amaze!

4. did you know that a French bulldog puppy that carries two copies of Rojo and two copies of blue is called an Isabella Frenchie? Well now you know!

5. when doing DNA test confirm if Rojo is present bear in mind that some genetic labs only test for one variant and not the other three that occurs in the French bulldog breed; for example if you went to a proper genetics and ran a testable chocolate test you may be surprised to see that a visibly Rojo dog may come up as “Bb or bb” which means that the dog is either a carrier overhaul or the lab only test for one variant but not the other. Make sure when choosing a lab the DNA test your French bulldog puppy that it offers all three variants of the testable or Rojo gene to save time and confusion.

How much does the Rojo French bulldog puppy cost?

 A rojo French bulldog puppy it Is considered the upper echelon of exotic French bulldog puppies and as such will start at a price of $6000 and up; there’re a few factors can drastically altered the price of a French bulldog puppy; if it carries several genes then the price will increase depending on what additional genes the French bulldog puppy carries; if a Rojo French bulldog puppy carries the fluffy minimum or long hair that you can expect an additional $2000-$5000 mark up minimum; so now you get the idea a more desirable traits in a French bulldog puppy The more desirable it is considered and therefore in the more demand that French bulldog puppy is in the marketplace making it higher than some of his other counterparts.

Want to buy rojo French bulldog puppy?

 Visit the puppies page to see the available puppies we have rate ago or contact us to see if we have any upcoming rojo French bulldog puppies expected soon which in most cases we do! If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading!

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