Pink French bulldog puppiess for Sale in NYC and all over US

We are proud to offer some of the most exclusive Pink French bulldog puppies for Sale in NYC and all over the US with the quality to match! When it comes to exotic French bulldog puppy colors pink remains king and is new amongst the other colors; when we say that a French bulldog puppy is pink we are referring to a non Harmful type of albinism that occurs in the French bulldog breed among other breeds.the effect is a pink coat color with recessive eyes! To understand exactly how we ended up with pink French bulldog puppies we have to take a dive into the good old gene pool!

What is a pink French bulldog?

The technical term for this albinism is lasa apso albinism or oculocutaneous albinismand it occurs at the C locust; The pink or albinism gene is recessive and requires two copies to be present one given from each parent in order for the pink or albinism gene to be physically expressed on the outside; a dog that only presents one copy will not be visibly pink but it can produce pink French bulldog puppies down the line. A French bulldog puppy that carries 0 copies of the albinism gene will never be able to produce pink French bulldog puppies. If you were to order a DNA test to see if pink is present from either UC Davis or paw print genetics which test for the albinism in the French bulldog breed the result would be expressed as follows; if a dog is pink the test result would appear as either Cal/Cal which indicates two copies and a visible pink or laa/laa which means the same exact thing; And can be used interchangeably.

Cool facts about the pink French bulldog puppy

1. Since pink French Bulldog puppies lack pigmentation their paw pads, their nose, their skin and around their eye will be visibly pink with their actual coat being in off-white pink color.
2. Although these puppies are technically albino they can actually tolerate the sun quite decently but don’t overdo it obviously!
3. Some recent pink French bulldog puppies sold for as high as $1,000,000!
4. Shameless plug but we have an in-house stud that produces new shade rojo pink fluffies! Contact Eli from more information.
5. Pink is much like the cream gene in that if two copies are present it will block the expression of any other coat color; So for example if you have a puppy that carries two copies of chocolate but is pink on the outside then we would consider that a chocolate French Bulldog puppy wrapped in pink; let’s say you had a blue French bulldog puppy and it was pink on the outside then we would consider that a blue French Bulldog puppy wrapped in pink!

How much is a pink French bulldog and how do I get my hands on one?

That is the $1,000,000 question! We are expecting pink French bulldog puppies in the third and fourth quarter of this year and we will even have fluffy micro pink French bulldog puppies available towards the end of the year thanks to our boy phantom. The starting price for a pink visible French bulldog puppy with no other colors carried we’ll start at $20,000; a visual pink fluffy or long haired French bulldog puppy with no other color added we’ll start at about $80,000 end up; for more comprehensive list of colors and prices please contact Eli directly. All French bulldog puppy sales come with full AKC registration, up to date on all vaccines, one year health guarantee and complimentary flight nanny service included nationwide! Champagne dreams and caviar wishes my friends cheers to pink and the life changing opportunities that come with it!; For a more comprehensive price list for French Bulldog Puppies Contact Eli Directly at (631)-428-9070  or contact here!

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