Cream French bulldog puppies for Sale in NYC and all over US

We are proud to offer some of the most exclusive Cream French bulldog puppies for Sale in NYC and all over the US with the quality to match! When it comes to one of the original French bulldog colors cream coat on a French bulldog puppy serves as a timeless masterpiece! As a matter of fact it was a cream French bulldog by the name of Sir Winston that took home first prize for best showdog over all this year! And even more exciting the French Bulldog breed is now the most popular dog in the world ranked number one toppling the 32-year run at the top by the Golden retriever. Do what makes a cream French Bulldog so darn stinking cute you might ask? To answer that lets take a dive in the good ol gene pool!

What exactly is a cream French bulldog?

In order to produce or recreate a cream French Bulldog puppy, We must go to the e locust Where the mutation in fact ; cream is a recessive gene which means that one copy from both parents are required for it to be expressed on the outside; if the puppy only carries one copy of cream it is considered a cream carrier and will not be cream on the outside; if the puppy carries of recessive cream then it will not be cream and it will never be able to produce creams either. If you were to order a genetic coat color panel from the lab such as UC Davis, paw print Or animal genetics you’re gonna need to know what you’re reading to Understand the results once they come back; if your frenchy puppy is cream on the outside then you can expect to see ee at the e locust signifying two copies of recessive e are present one given from each parent. But what if your dog is not cream on the inside and you want to know if your dog is able to produce a cream dog, what would you be looking for? So a dog that carries cream would be expressed as E (not cream carrier) e (cream carrier); would show on test results as “Ee” which is a maskless cream Carrier dog.

Interesting facts about the cream French bulldog puppy

1. Although it cream is a recessive gene when cream is expressed on the outside and trumps all colors; that means a dog could be a number of colors genetically like a chocolate French Bulldog or a blue French Bulldog but if it carries two copies of cream the French Bulldog puppy will appear cream and no other color like white paint.
2. And the French Bulldog breed when a dog carries two copies of cream sometimes you can get different shades of cream ranging from an off-white coat to a dark apricot in color coat we like to refer to as rose gold platinum.
3. There are other genetic mutations that occur at the e locust that can affect what is physically expressed on the outside ( phenotype ) And you can only have one or the other present; the other mutation that occurs at the e locust is melanistic black mask genetic code Em; melanistic black mask in the French Bulldog puppy is considered a dominant gene which means it only takes one copy for it to be physically expressed on the outside or phenotype. If the Frenchie puppy for sale carries one cup of cream and one copy of mask then the dog will be physically expressing mask at the muzzle and carry cream which won’t be physically expressed.
4. Cream is so dominant that it even blocks the expression of the Merle gene!

Cream French Bulldog puppy prices

Cream French bulldog puppies are considered standard and won’t have a starting price of $2,000 and up depending on the quality and pedigree; For a more comprehensive price list for French Bulldog Puppies Contact Eli Directly at (631)-428-9070  or contact here!

Where can I find an AKC cream French Bulldog puppy for sale near me?

We never get tired of that question! The first place you should look for a quality AKC French Bulldog puppy that’s cream is on our puppies page from the website to see what’s available. At the puppies page you will find just about every color you can think of!

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