Chocolate French Bulldog puppies for Sale in NYC and all over US

We are proud to offer some of the most exclusive Chocolate French Bulldog puppies for Sale in NYC and all over the US with the quality to match! Chocolate French Bulldog puppies are some of the most desirable Frenchie puppies in the world! This is the type of chocolate that melts in your heart! This version of chocolate appears exactly as it sounds on the outside A nice chocolatey coat; This version of chocolate is sometimes referred to as cocoa chocolate or formally untestable chocolate. To get a better understanding of the chocolate French Bulldog puppy we must take a dive into the good old gene pool!

What is a chocolate French bulldog?

Whenever you have a chocolate dog or cocoa chocolate dog on the outside that’s because it’s parents gave one copy of the Coco gene to the offspring; and being that Coco is recessive it requires both parents pass a copy of Coco chocolate down to the offspring for us to physically see the color expressed on the outside where we can see and appreciate it! If a French Bulldog puppy only carries one copy of this coco chocolate then it will not be expressed on the outside but it will be able to create it in the next generation if bread to another carrier of that same cocoa chocolate. If a Frenchie puppy carries no copies of this Coco version of chocolate coat then it not only will not be expressed on the outside but will never be able to produce it in the next generation if bred No matter if the mate carries one or two copies. This mutation occurs at the C locust and the mutation shows up on a DNA test as either Co (not present), co (one copy present) or coco(2 copies present).

Some cool facts about the chocolate French Bulldog

1. There was a time where this version of chocolate French Bulldog puppy would not show up on a DNA test panel and hence the term untestable chocolate; Now that the French Bulldog genome is completely mapped we can identify the cocoa mutation as occurring at the C locust.
2. Want to know a cool trick us breeders use to identify if a dog is in fact chocolate? We take the puppy in a room and shut the lights off and shine a light by its eyes; If the eye is glow red then the pup is in fact chocolate! It is as simple as that provided the puppy is not Merle!
3. There are two different types of chocolate coat mutations that occur within the French Bulldog DNA genome; Coco chocolate and testable chocolate; Coco chocolate is physically expressed as darker while testable chocolate is physically expressed as a liver or red color of chocolate occurring at the b locust.
4. If there is one copy of both versions of chocolate present this cannot create a chocolate dog; two copies of the same version of chocolate is required for a puppy to physically express either color on the outside (phenotype).
5. If a French Bulldog puppy carries two copies of both versions of chocolate then we consider it a new shade Rojo puppy and the color is absolutely beautiful!

Chocolate French Bulldog prices

A chocolate French Bulldog puppy that carries no additional genes has a starting price range of 4 to 6k. A a chocolate and tan puppy is a chocolate puppy with tan points or tricolor embellishments making it more desirable; The price on these puppies will start at around 7K. Double-recessive chocolate puppy Is considered extremely rare and will start at around 8k. A long-haired or fluffy chocolate French Bulldog puppy will start it $10,000.
For a more comprehensive price list for French Bulldog Puppies Contact Eli Directly at (631)-428-9070  or contact here!

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