Blue French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in NYC and all over US

We are proud to offer some of the most exclusive Blue French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in NYC and all over the US with the quality to match! Blue French Bulldogs are an absolutely charming and playful breed renowned for their friendly and affectionate nature. Their distinct “bat ears” and adorable wrinkled faces have a knack for melting the hearts of everyone they meet. These little darlings boast a compact and muscular physique, with a short and stocky build that’s perfectly proportioned.The blue French bulldog puppy is still among the most sought after French bulldog puppy in the world and for good reason! Who knew How many shades of blue a beautiful French bulldog can have. Be sure to check out our puppies page to check out availability or info on our next litter of Frenchie puppies!What makes a blue french bulldog puppy’s coat blue? To answer that we must start from the source and take a dive into the good ol gene pool!


When dilute is physically expressed on the outside, That means there would have had to have been two copies of recessive d present at the d locus. Blue is a recessive Gene, meaning For the Blue Coat color in the french bulldog to be expressed it would take 2 copies; At the D locust is where the mutation occurs. Note; the fundamental coat color on all french bulldogs before any modifications is BLACK;  so when each parent gives 1 copy of d (dilute gene known as blue) and comes up as “dd”; the black coat then gets switched to the mouse color we refer to as blue! 

Cool facts about the blue French Bulldog puppy

  1. There is only one type of blue french bulldog But there are secondary genes that comes into play that act as embellishments on the french bulldog; Starting at the A locust you may have 1 copy of At or Tan points; This would now be expressed as the tan point on the tips of the french bulldog legs and the cute tri-color tan circular dots just above the eye. The best example of this effect is if you think of the markings of a rott-weiler; but on french bulldog puppy! Two copies of At (AT/AT) may or may not affect how much the tan points are visibly expressed. Certain dominant colors and coat color can interfere with the expression of the tan points or block them altogether: one of those being the brindle gene or the dominant black occurring at the K Locust, which we will get more in depth into later. and order for the tan points to be expressed at the K Locust needs to be two copies of KY which means that dominant black and brindle are absent and the a locust is free for expression if there is just one copy of brindle or dominant black then even if the dog carries a copy of tan points, they will not be physically expressed. Another genetic interrupter that is dominant over the tan points is the fawn AY gene that also occurs at the a locust; if a dog is has a copy of tan points and a copy of fawn, then phone is dominant over the tan points, and the expression of tan points is therefore blocked.
  2. Another gene we will find at the A locust is the Recessive Black “a” gene which does have a dominant expression effect that affects the entire coat overall; When each parent passes the recessive gene of a The result is a solid “aa” french bulldog coat color. The recessive black gene or a gene Is the only gene that is dominant over the brindle gene which occurs at the K locust (Kbr); If you are trying to reduce our minimize the expression of brindle then the best way to do it is to read the solid recessive black gene Into the genetic makeup of the offspring.
  3. Next expression that also occurs at the A locust is fawn “AY” gene. Fawn Is a dominant gene meaning it only takes one copy to be expressed and will block the expression of tan points. So if a French Bulldog puppy carries one copy of AT Tan points and one copy of A
  4. another cool, genetic modifier that you will find on the blue French bulldog. Puppy is the Merle gene that creates blue merle French bulldog, puppies, when one copy of the dominant M gene is present in the Merle pattern will be expressed. The result is a blue French bulldog puppy with all different kinds of shades of blue, gray and black! only thing as cool as French bulldog. Puppies available for sale is science!

Blue french bulldog puppy Prices

Standard blue french bulldog puppy with no coat color/length modifiers like merle and fluffy is $5,000 to $6,000 with limited Akc registration and $1,500 dollars extra if you need beeder rights or full akc registration. If it’s a blue merle add 1to 2k additional, fluffy carrier french bulldog puppy add 3 to 5k, tan point french bulldog add 1 to 2k, Isabella carrier french bulldog add another 2 to 4k, pink carrier french bulldog add 10 to 20k, husky french bulldog pattern add 10 to 20k and full visual blue fluffy french bulldog puppy minimun 10k added. 

Discover the enchantment of Blue French Bulldogs – irresistible charm, playful nature, and unwavering loyalty. Make your home complete with these captivating companions. Contact Us Today to Buy Your desire one!

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