Black French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in NYC and all over US

The black French bulldog puppy is still one of the most iconic standard colors in high demand today! With the growing palette of colors that are being introduced to the French Bulldog breed it’s such a breath of fresh air whenever a black French Bulldog puppy is produced! We are proud to offer very  exclusive black and tan French Bulldog puppies arriving at the end of July; We are expecting black and tan fluffies carrying pink among other colors!

What is a black French Bulldog?

Have you ever wondered what causes a Black french bulldog puppy for sale to have a black coat? To answer that we must start from the source and take a dive into the good ol gene pool! To achieve the solid black frenchie puppy, which is a recessive coat gene; the recessive solid, black coat color is expressed when each parent gives one copy of the recessive black ”a” gene which shows on a frenchie coat dna test panel as “aa” ; when a gene is recessive, it means that it requires two copies to be expressed so you can see it on the outside, However; aa recessive black is the color gene that will block the expression of the all dominant Brindle pattern gene!  If a French bulldog puppy carries only one copy of recessive black, the black coat will not be expressed as a pure solid coat but a solid coat carrier. 

More cool facts about the black French Bulldog

  1. If a French bulldog puppy carries a copy of AT gene which is expressed as tricolor/tan pointed and it has one copy of recessive black gene than the French bulldog puppy is considered a black and tan French bulldog puppy that carries one copy of recessive black. 
  2. The black French Bulldog base coat color is in fact black! If it has two recessive copies of blue then it gets diluted to blue; If it has two copies of chocolate it will get diluted to chocolate!
  3. These are very rare French bulldog colors to produce a double recessive French bulldog of any color besides black. Now let’s say we have a French bulldog puppy that has two copies of recessive black two copies of dd dilute blue gene, and two copies of testable chocolate what kind of color would this French bulldog puppy be expressed as? The answer is a pure solid double recessive Isabella Frenchie puppy. how about a French bulldog puppy that carries two copies of recessive black two copies of dilute gene and two copies of Coco, what kind of color with this French bulldog puppy be considered? The answer is that you would have a double recessive, pure solid coat lilac puppy! The double recessive gene is one of the few rare genes that plays well with just about any other color on the genetic spectrum, and went on right trumps any embellishment gene. One of my  personal favorite frenchie colors is a double recessive pure solid coat merle Frenchie puppy! 

How much does the Black french bulldog puppy cost?

Recessive aa black french bulldog puppy with no added coat color/length modifiers like merle and fluffy is $4k to $10k with limited Akc registration and $1,500 dollars extra if you need beeder rights or full akc registration. If it’s fawn merle add 1to 2k additional, fluffy carrier french bulldog puppy add 3 to 5k, tan point french bulldog add 1 to 2k, Isabella carrier french bulldog add another 2 to 4k, pink carrier french bulldog add 10 to 20k, husky french bulldog pattern add 10 to 20k and full visual Fawn fluffy french bulldog puppy minimun 10k added. 

Want to buy Black French bulldog puppy?

 Visit the puppies page to see the available puppies we have rate ago or contact us to see if we have any upcoming rojo French bulldog puppies expected soon which in most cases we do! If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading!

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